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Sunday went by too quickly of course...our only day together with neither of us working, although I think I am going to take Thursday off this week as we have to go to the doctor then anyway, and he wants to go to Seligenstadt again after that. ;)
Well we were there again yesterday ;). We went there for breakfast again, and finally found out, that it's possible to book a table at the Kloster Cafe - we didn't know that before. It definitely seems that the cafe is busiest at breakfast time because their breakfasts are so good. So, because we hadn't booked, we didn't get a table out on the terrace again, which was kind of annoying, but oh well. Of course if we do book that will probably be the day it rains...They had changed the menu a bit which was a bit annoying too so the breakfast I had last time isn't on the menu anymore, but there was a similar one and that was good too. I think the only difference was that the other one included cheese and yoghurt, this didn't. And we ordered a normal egg each this time instead of Kinder eggs.
I took a bunch of photos in the ex monastery garden especially with the pop art filter on, that was fun because the photos were so bright. I have photos on facebook here I was too lazy to put them on photobucket right now. We had a nice walk by the river and sat there for a while too, it was in the shade so nice and cool which we needed when it was so hot otherwise.
And yes we had Tatort Münster to watch Saturday night and Sunday night, yay! One of the episodes I'd already tried to watch on youtube but hadn't understood everything so it was good to watch it again with the subtitles for the deaf.
Just listened to Derren Brown interviewing Tim Minchin which was rather cool, although Derren Brown I sometimes find a bit irritating but I do love Tim Minchin! that is here if any of you want to listen to it. you can listen to BBC iplayer radio outside the UK, just not watch the TV shows.


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