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We went to the Süsse Löwer in Seligenstadt yesterday as they had not charged us for something last time and we wanted to pay for that this time - they have the greatest hot chocolate!!! - anyway, they gave us these pigs for free. Dirk has already eaten his! I guess they are marzipan.
I decided to try making humbug flavoured tea hee hee by adding mint to caramel flavoured black tea. Well, it was quite good ;) I do like adding mint to other teas, as I have mentioned to someone else on here before. ;)
Now, Dirk's apparently famous chocolate pudding is cooling on my table! He has not made it for me before but I found out about it so he had to make it today, ha ha. And the Royal Mail have just come out with stamps to celebrate BBC's children shows, so I had to try to get some of those, since some of them are ones from MY childhood! My cousin is going to try to buy me the first day cover in her local post office tomorrow. Otherwise I will try to order them again. Bagpuss stamps!!! Trust them to come out with it after I moved!!!
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Went to see the Life of Pi which I really enjoyed and I think even Dirk liked it as it wasn't a lot of philosophising but it looked wonderful! I probably missed some bits because of not understanding the dubbed dialogue but I guess I understood most anyway. I heard that the tiger is CGI, I wondered if it was only a CGI tiger or if sometimes they did use a real one too? Sometimes it looked more real than other times. It was really crowded so we didn't get the greatest seats - we were near the front and the bottom - but I couldn't help that. I guess it is because it was featured at the Oscars and they are only showing that film a couple of times - they have a 'film of the month' there that is only shown on a couple of nights then the rest of the time they have something else on (like at the moment it is Til Schweiger's latest crap). So I guess everyone decided to see it yesterday.
Anyway we also popped to the Loop Centre in Darmstadt so I could get some envelopes!!! And the real reason...I wanted to visit the tea shop, ha ha I have really boring tea at the moment, ha ha...and I got more of the Red Chili Chai tea. That is one of my favourites of the teas I have had here. It's very good for first thing in the morning!
Even Dirk got some cherry and banana flavoured rooibus tea, though he hardly drinks tea .


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