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So, this is an Only On Dreamwidth post, because I am posting something banned in Russia!!!
This picture has been banned in Russia - which is BRILLIANT because my friend V's husband created it! Ha ha! (Btw they don't live in Russia now and are not Russians, but they did live there for a number of years before).
Here it is, in all it's glory:

So there. :D
(I should add, though, that I feel very badly for the poor guy who was put in an asylum for displaying this and other anti Putin images. :( That's going back to Soviet tactics, for sure...)
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Oh by the way, this is still my favourite birthday song <3

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Well, today I have worked...since there was some stuff for me to do from Friday, I asked for something to do so at least I got a few hours in even though in the UK it is still the bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. And now I have just found this on LJ: It is a guy who went to the top of the star on top of one of the huge Stalinist Moscow birthday cake buildings - this one is in Kudrinskaya square and it is 160m high - so it is not the highest one of the birthday cake buildings (that is the Moscow State University building which is 240m high), BUT STILL. He posts a video and 2 photos here - well I guess you shouldn't look if you are afraid of heights, but it just amazed me, really.
Yesterday we went to the big Tutankhamun Exhibition in Frankfurt - all replicas but really amazing ones - there is a little explanation from the website:
'The tomb of Tutankhamen with its treasures has been faithfully reconstructed to scale, giving visitors a realistic impression of the overwhelming opulence of the offerings that were supposed to serve the king on his magical journey into the Underworld. More than 1,000 replicas of the most important finds have been reconstructed by the finest Egyptian craftsmen using traditional techniques, and can be admired at the exhibition.'
So it did look great and we were lucky, because as it was not a bank holiday in Germany we got 3€ discount for going during the week and not at the weekend, and it was not very busy, only a few people really. I think this is because it has been on for ages, as well, I know that [ profile] meathiel said when she went to this exhibition in February that there were loads of school groups - not a one when we were there. I think also because we went in the afternoon - 2pm entrance - I assume schools in Germany finish around 3 like in the UK? so there would not be school groups going so late in the day, I would think.
I have just found out there is also going to be a big exhibition with the originals at the O2 in London in September or something - typical! But this was still great and we were able to get a lot closer to the things than you would be to the originals.
I managed to get some quite ok photos which I didn't expect really with my camera, ha ha! I have noticed it seems to be best if I use the macro setting for flowers instead of trying to use the 'museum' setting. Everything comes out blurry with the museum setting.
Of course Dirk got better ones but then his camera and lens did cost hundreds more than mine. ;)
mine were not bad for a camera that cost £70 hee hee.
so, some photos...
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Been reading a news item about what happened at the airport in Moscow (I'm sure you've all heard about the bomb going off there). The link is here but it's in Russian so I'm assuming most of you wouldn't be able to read it (well, I guess you could put google translate on it), just [ profile] handrejka if she's about and [ profile] anwyn_elfmaiden maybe would understand some too.
It's just sick...
First of all the taxi drivers at the airport decided to charge 30,000 rubles (737€ according to for people trying to get away from the airport. Now airport taxi drivers in Moscow are thieves anyway, but that's pretty steep even for them. Then Nashi decided to put their oar in as well...
For those who don't know, Nashi is a really creepy organisation of "youth activists" who are totally pro-Kremlin. They turn up in coach loads at any slightly anti government demonstration to demonstrate FOR the government. Such behaviour in youth is of course highly unnatural hence Nashi being rather creepy.
Anyway they declared that they were going out to help people get back into Moscow for free...! So they put on some of their coaches and some of them took their own cars out there. Only problem, they all piled onto their coaches like they normally do, with the result that there were only a few spaces left for the people they went there to 'help'. Uh huh.
So a bit of a PR exercise and nothing more...very typical of Nashi.
The article goes on to tell how characters on the internet have been making money out of it as well...:(
Spammers have been sending emails out saying things like, 'link to victims of Domodevo' , and lots of people got texts on their mobiles saying 'Help Mama, I'm at Domodevo, it's awful, please send 5000 rubles to this number'!
Just horrible. And so typical...


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