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So we did go to see Niamh Ni Charra and her band at the Kelterscheune centre here in Urberach (yes, even in the same village part of Rödermark), they were really good and there was also an Irish dancer who IS Irish but apparently lives in Munich and teaches at an Irish dance school there! He was fantastic too. The only problem was the sound, apparently the place had new sound equipment and the techies did not know how to use it in her band there was her on fiddle and concertina (and singing), a flute player, a bazouki player and a bodhran player. Mostly the bazouki was really loud and it was harder to hear the fiddle and the flute in particular, the concertina seemed to be quite loud though. The bazouki player seemed a bit embarrassed that his was so loud. We saw the end of their sound check and it was obvious they were trying to fix that problem before the concert started, from the things they were saying, but nonetheless some know it all in the audience had to speak up and say that the bazouki was too loud. Yeah, like they didn't know...! Apparently she kept moaning about things all through the concert, I didn't listen to her but Dirk could hear her practically in his ear as she was sat behind us.
The funny thing is that I almost certainly have seen Niamh Ni Charra playing fiddle before - I spoke to her during the break and she told me she was already playing fiddle in Riverdance by January 1998 when it was on at the Hammersmith Apollo, I was working there then so I did probably see her then. Funny coincidence! Also my mother will have seen her as she was also on the tour of North America that Riverdance did straight after that and my mother did go to the show then when it made it to Edmonton. Anyway...this is her, she did play this song too, it's about a young man with a really old and rich girlfriend ;)

They do have some other stuff on at that centre so we may check something else out, but it depends. Apparently there will be a special event for the 70th birthday of Keith Richards (!) so we might go to that. ;)
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I am having a bit of an 80s retrospective at the moment as I am reading John Taylor from Duran Duran's autobiography (I think they should have him on Desert Island Discs - oh please!!) and listening to some Duran Duran again. It really brings back my teenage years - I know some of you are too young for that but I was about 13 I guess when I heard of them and like most girls at that time I was into them for a while, although I was never as big a fan as my sister. (When my great uncle and grandfather came to visit us my sister and I were banished to share the bedroom in the basement while they got our bedrooms and my mother's comment to my great uncle was that he could decide if he 'preferred Boy George or Duran Duran' - my room was Boy George hee hee. I did have a Duran poster though!!
But John wasn't even my favourite from the band unlike most people - I got put off by the sight of his white sparrow chest in the Save a Prayer video - that is still my favourite of their songs - and I guess if I liked any of them it was mostly Simon, sometimes Nick. Even my Mum liked Simon. My sister preferred Roger. I didn't know anyone who liked Andy.
It's interesting reading John's bio and that takes me back as well in a way. I was surprised to read that they played in Edmonton in 1982, I had no idea they played in Edmonton until much later when they already were well out of fashion and they opened for David Bowie, my sister went to that concert but even she wasn't that much into them anymore. It's funny that they played there before they actually got big in Canada and then not again until they were out of fashion again. I'm pretty sure we didn't hear about them until something like late 82 or early 83.
And...I think I mostly just like the Rio album. I like Planet Earth from the album before and we did get Seven and the Ragged Tiger, but we never liked it as much as Rio and I've not bothered with any of their stuff after that, even though they did have Warren Cuccurullo in the band for a while and I knew him from Missing Persons, another band I liked a lot back then. (and the singer of which band Lady Gaga has totally ripped off...)
still can't believe it is really THAT long ago...30 years since Rio was released!!!! eek...
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Happy Women's Day, to anyone who celebrates it (not many outside of the former Communist states, I think!).

A video from my youth in Canada, which seemed appropriate!

It's got quite good lyrics I thought I'd post 'em...

too many doubts

too much fear

too much danger

when society constructs

our human nature

live by the rules

live by the laws

live by commandments

notions preconceived

can lead to utter madness

Let it go

Let it go

Let it free your body

Let it move your soul

Let it go

Let it free your body

Let it move your soul

Let it go

We are made

We are not born

Learn to convert

learn to assert

learn to abandon

ideologies and

disciplines at random

lay down the laws

lay down the rules

lay down commandments

lift the sanctions

that restrict this

woman's madness



is the bane of our existence

keep it safely at a distance



is today to be

let your hair down

can't you see?


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