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Finally have an absolutely perfect subject for this icon...
Was thinking about the Muppet Show, as Dirk has the first 3 seasons on DVD and we have watched some of them in English with German subtitles (I am sure as hell NOT going to watch the Muppet Show dubbed into German!!!).
It's a funny thing - I don't really understand WHY the Muppet Show was even popular in Germany,though Dirk says it was. A lot of the jokes in it are plays on words or puns that only work in English; Dirk says in the German version they did their own puns but the subtitles don't reflect that - for example, at one point Rowlf asks Fozzie why he is carrying a fish and Fozzie says 'For the halibut' - the German subtitle said 'Einfach so' which is basically a translation of 'For the hell of it' so it is not even a joke then. And there are lots of examples like that.
Also, Dirk hardly knows who any of the guests are! Obviously he knows the really big ones like Charles Aznavour or Rudolf Nureyev but most of the others he doesn't know at all. Having grown up in 70s-80s Canada with lots of US TV, I DO know most of them (there are still one or two that I don't) so I have to explain to him who they were (eg one of the episodes we watched was the one with Jean Stapleton so I showed him clips of All in the Family on youtube - I have no idea if that show was even on in the UK but any Canadian or American who is old enough will know that show!).
What REALLY surprised me though was that he hadn't heard of Liberace!! I honestly thought EVERYONE who was old enough to be watching TV and understand it while he was alive would know LIBERACE. I think Dirk was mostly quite bemused by the way Liberace managed to play piano so well with all those huge rings he wore, ha ha...Anyway I thought Dirk would at least have heard Liberace's name before - I knew he had The World According to Garp on his bookshelf so I asked him if he'd also read A Prayer for Owen Meany and he HAD so I pointed out that Owen and the grandmother in the book are both fans of Liberace. ;)
Have you guys heard of Liberace??? Obviously I KNOW the North Americans on here probably will, unless some of you are too young.
Also, about the Swedish chef...;) The Germans call him the Danish Chef, but I was wondering, if the Muppet Show was on in Sweden, which I suppose it was, what did you call him there, [ profile] superkattis and [ profile] kehleyr? :)


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