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Got hardly any work today so am on here...:S
Had a lovely day out yesterday with my pals Geneviève and [ profile] meathiel. It was all good apart from my taking the wrong train on the way home, arg! The electronic sign at the platform SAID it was my train but...after I got on it started definitely going the wrong way...I finally got off at Mannheim because I figured I could get another train back to Darmstadt from there...and managed that. The Deutsche Bahn info man gave me a whole other route I could get back to Urberach but in the end I got Dirk to pick me up at Darmstadt. I would have had pretty long waits at Darmstadt and Dieburg for the connecting trains and Darmstadt isn't so far for him to come. It was ok on the way down to Heidelberg though!!!
So...managed to find Geneviève and her friend Sylvie without any problems despite the fountain [ profile] meathiel had told us to meet at not being too obvious as it was under repair! The language thing turned out to be interesting - I spoke French to Genni and Sylvie when [ profile] meathiel wasn't around and then it was a mixture of English and German after that...;) Anyway nice to meet them and we had lunch at a cafe where there were at least some veggie options - it wasn't that bad [ profile] meathiel!! ;) There were sparrows there coming very close to use and drinking and bathing in a small fountain next to our table so that was really cute too. :D
Photobucket Ok not the greatest photo ;)
We ended up going up to the castle as the boat cruises in the city only run once a day and it was a bit late for me to get my train - took the funicular train up and down as it's a bit far and steep to walk up there, ha ha...had a nice walk around up there and then it was time for me to be going and [ profile] meathiel gave me a lift back to the station. I got this semi local speciality 'Schneebällchen' and got one for Dirk as well but then we were a little disappointed by them as we thought they would have a soft centre but they were just crunchy...oh well ;)
Got some photos, well some of you have already seen similar anyway I know...
photos )
It was a lovely day weather wise too and it's nice today as well but I am home today working...oh well!
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We had quite a nice weekend and now I am going to meet up with [ profile] meathiel and our mutual penpal Geneviève from Luxembourg in Heidelberg, which should be good. I have booked my train ticket! :) I haven't met Geneviève before although we have been writing for about 20 years so it should be cool. :D
Anyway over the weekend...we didn't do too much on Saturday because the weather was a bit crap, again. There were some sunny bits but quite a lot of rain, so we didn't go on a daytrip as we had thought about doing. We did go out for a meal in the evening at the OTHER Italian restaurant within walking distance of us (actually there are several restaurants nearby us here!), it is situated in a small hotel and it looks nice but Dirk hadn't even been there before. It is called La Scala and it was pretty good there. Only partially spoilt by the people at the next table having REALLY AWFUL children. Ok, I understand it can be a bit hard to get children to behave if they are toddlers, but these kids were about 8 or 10 or'd think by then you could train them to behave in a restaurant...but I could see why they were so bad, as the parents were the sort who just didn't bother about them. So, why not get a babysitter and then everyone will be happy? oh well...
But the food was good and it is quite nice there.
On Sunday we decided to visit Aschaffenburg, Dirk had been there once for a job interview. It's actually in Bavaria though just at the tip so we left Hessen for the day. ;)
It is a nice city, the old town is nice and we visited the castle, although I think the museum inside was a bit boring. But a cool collection of cork models - a man who was a cake maker made them in the 18th century. I'm assuming he was a local (didn't manage to read much of the info there) but the models are of Roman buildings in Rome - the most impressive of course was the Colosseum - Photobucket
Some were made by his son, too, who apparently was an architect.
We also visited the Pompejanum which is a copy of a Roman villa built for King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who had visited Pompeii. I guess it was damaged in the war, and of course the painting in it had got worn over the years, but they have restored it, but still in some rooms there is still the original painting, looking quite worn, but it is nice to visit. Really pretty ceilings there. :D We thought the Jewish museum was closed as the information we'd seen said it was only open something like Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the first Sunday of the month - so we went to the square where it was rather late, thinking we'd just see the place where the old synagogue was - only to find the museum actually had been open but was just about to close. So that was annoying but we'll go back I guess. There was a bit of Jewish stuff in a special exhibition in the castle museum, too, so we had a look at that and then they were selling Hanukkah candles there so I decided to buy some as i don't know where to get them otherwise around here. I am sure there must be a Jewish shop or two in Frankfurt, but I don't know these things yet.
well, here are some photos, too...
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Well, I guess I should get moving, to get ready etc...:D


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