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We went to the Süsse Löwer in Seligenstadt yesterday as they had not charged us for something last time and we wanted to pay for that this time - they have the greatest hot chocolate!!! - anyway, they gave us these pigs for free. Dirk has already eaten his! I guess they are marzipan.
I decided to try making humbug flavoured tea hee hee by adding mint to caramel flavoured black tea. Well, it was quite good ;) I do like adding mint to other teas, as I have mentioned to someone else on here before. ;)
Now, Dirk's apparently famous chocolate pudding is cooling on my table! He has not made it for me before but I found out about it so he had to make it today, ha ha. And the Royal Mail have just come out with stamps to celebrate BBC's children shows, so I had to try to get some of those, since some of them are ones from MY childhood! My cousin is going to try to buy me the first day cover in her local post office tomorrow. Otherwise I will try to order them again. Bagpuss stamps!!! Trust them to come out with it after I moved!!!
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So I will write something about Dresden with photos...;)
Well the journey was quite long - we did go by car - obviously more tiring for poor Dirk than for me! The hotel was ok, I wasn't quite happy about its location though as you had to take a bus and then a tram to get to the centre. Would have preferred something a bit closer, or something on the other side of the bridge in the nice villagey area ;). It was a boring building too but it was ok, it was clean and quiet, no problems with drunks in the corridors. I think it is a hotel favoured by senior coach tours. ;)
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So...some photos from Wetzlar...
Not sure how well you can see it...but this is the reason Dirk had heard of Wetzlar - Leica!!! If you haven't heard of them (and I hadn't before I met Dirk) they make basically the Aston Martins of the camera world, plus binoculars and microscopes. Dirk hasn't got any of their cameras at the moment (unless one of his historical cameras is a Leica, I'm not sure) but has had, and he definitely has at least one pair of Leica binoculars, and I think his Dad has an old one of their microscopes though I am not sure. Apparently nowadays their main factory is in another town called Solms and this one in Wetzlar only makes the microscopes now. So we did not visit anything Leica-ish.
a view of one of the towers of the's quite an interesting one as different parts of it were built in different eras and it's got this bit at the front that was never finished.
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It's apparently on the German Timber Frame Road which I know Seligenstadt is on as well...
The only problem was I had a headache the whole day which wasn't helped by the heat. I finally felt better towards the end of our visit when I had some lemon sorbet and fruit tea in a cafe!
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Well we are back from Dirk's parents' place, Dirk still has the rest of the week off, I am working today and tomorrow, but not yet. ;)
We had a really nice time and managed to visit Cologne Zoo and the the open air museum in Kommern (unfortunately it seems their website is only in German, even if there's a thing at the top that looks like it should show other languages - it doesn't). I will try to post some photos later anyway. Well, here is one for now from the open air museum - they have lambs!!!
There were actually quite a lot of them :)
This has amused me today - 12 Misused English Words in German - some of them I wasn't aware of yet, like 'talkmaster' hee hee or 'beamer' but some like 'handy' and 'wellness' I've already encountered quite a lot. ;) I also have the impression that English words are sometimes used to be more pretentious - eg there was a restaurant I noticed somewhere in Cologne that said it had 'japanese cooking'. Now, it's Japanese food in Germany - why does that need to be in English?! That, and the fact its sign was written with no capital letters made me think it is a pretentious place, well, at least it doesn't have 'concepts in japanese cooking', then I would totally KNOW it was a completely pretentious place...but maybe they don't know about the 'concepts' thing - you do get that on really pretentious restaurants in Britain. ;) I think the 'wellness' goes along with that too since after all 'wellness' is mostly directed towards Ladies Who Lunch so they are going to be pretentious and seem posh, aren't they? ;)
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Dirk surprised me with this yesterday! For those who don't know it is a Räuchermännchen or Smoker, apparently typical Xmas market ornament, you put a cone of incense inside and then it looks like it is smoking. I bought some for family and then thought I would quite like one and Dirk surprised me with this one. ;) They apparently show men in different occupations, we think this one is a bookseller.
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So as those of you on facebook know we went to Opel Zoo today...well, the weather wasn't the greatest for it and I haven't been feeling well today at all, but it was still quite a nice visit. It's a nice zoo apart from where the elephants are!!! They are renovating their area but right now it looks like an industrial building site with elephants. But otherwise it's quite ok, well I think a few of the enclosures are still a bit small, like the porcupines, that seemed a bit ridiculous, more like a cabinet, but others are ok and some animals are not out now because it is a bit cold for them (like the meercats so we didn't see them).
Anyway...we got some photos...
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There are red pandas at this zoo too and we did see them but they were curled up high on trees so I couldn't have got a good photo. ;)
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We went to the Schwarze Romantik exhibition yesterday as I had was really good. It was the first time we visited the Städel Museum although it seems to be a pretty major art gallery in Frankfurt and we went round most of the rest of it as well and liked it there. There is a film about the exhibition, it has English subtitles

Some really cool stuff. I was familiar with quite a lot of the artists but not all and a few of the paintings I knew too but most I didn't. It included people like Goya, Fuseli, Caspar David Friedrich, Max Ernst, Dali etc. :) And it had photographs and parts of old films including 1931 Dracula and Frankenstein. :)
I would have liked to get the catalogue but not for 45€!!!
Dirk seemed to enjoy it too. I think the only part of the gallery he didn't like so much was the Modern part, ha ha...he just liked some of the photographs there. I must admit that even though I quite like modern art there weren't many pieces in that part that I liked either...Apart from one by Yves Klein. I do love Yves Klein and I always feel happy when I see something by him. :D
The weather was dreadful as expected but we were incredibly lucky with parking!!! Well, at least at the gallery we were! After driving around a few times we noticed an elderly couple just leaving - from a space right in front of the gallery!!! So we got in there...actually, the elderly couple had parked so that they were smack dab in the middle of a space big enough for 2 when we parked, Dirk moved up and another couple got their car in behind us too and were very grateful to Dirk for being a more considerate parker than the people before (but I suspect they were just really old and couldn't drive very well anymore).
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I still didn't get round to posting photos of Eppstein...but anyway here are some from our visit to Hessenpark yesterday. We really liked it a lot there so we will definitely go there again sometime. :D The only problem the park has, as far as we can see, is that:
The park has 2 parts, the Marketplace area which is free to go into, there are shops, a bakery and about 3 restaurants/pubs there.
To get into the rest of the museum area you have to pay and go through the gates. You can't go out and go back in. This is important because if you are walking around that part of the museum (which is most of it) and you feel like you would like a drink or some food, there is ONLY ONE snack stand in the entire area, the queues are HUGE for it and at least yesterday the people working there were incredibly slow. So next time we will bring at least some drinks with us! You could fill in a form to leave feedback on the museum and Dirk wrote about that. I'm sure he wasn't the only one!
We had a meal later in the Marketplace at one of the restaurants there and there we found an example of rudeness that I guarantee you wouldn't get from British people - Dirk was also a bit shocked at these people's chutzpah and he said they were probably from Frankfurt. Anyway the restaurants were very busy as you can imagine and we managed to snag a table just as some people were leaving it. We DEFINITELY snagged the table first and sat down at it - and this woman and a man (mostly the woman I think, she seemed to be the one in charge) pushed their way over and she plonked her bag down on one of the chairs at our table and they pinched our menu! I couldn't believe it! In the UK in a case like that someone would ALWAYS ask before they went to sit down at the same table as strangers - ALWAYS. They didn't actually STAY - I guess they didn't like the look of the menu - but still. Afterwards a nice family with one very well behaved little girl came and asked if they could sit there - so we didn't mind that!! Also since they asked I could ask if they were going to smoke or not as I really didn't want a smoker to sit with us. But they didn't anyway.
Anyway we had a nice time walking around the museum. I was quite surprised to find a synagogue there too! (along with lots of churches). It is the first time I have seen a synagogue reconstructed at an open air museum before. There was also an exhibition of old cameras so Dirk was in his element there. ;)
Well here are some photos, I got some of the trees too for [ profile] pundigrion because I know she wanted to see some pics of autumn trees in Germany. ;)
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So now the visit to Idstein...
Well, we did like it there although a couple of the buildings were covered up with scaffolding, I guess they are being restored. Lots of half timber houses, a palace (that was closed) and a tower called the Hexenturm (witches' tower). Apparently they did have a witch hunt in Idstein in the late 17th century but the witches were not held inside that tower, they were held in another building that doesn't exist now, people just THOUGHT it was in that tower apparently. We found this out as we managed to go on a guided tour up the tower. That was a bit poorly organised - the only info on the website was that there would be a tour at 2:30, nothing about tickets or maximum number of people...yeah you guessed it, we got there at just before 2:30 only to be told by the guide that we should have got tickets at the tourist information centre and that this tour was full but we could come back in an hour! Apparently they only take so many and that one was popular as it seems they only run the tour about once a year, we were just lucky to be there on that day.
In fact they don't always hold the 3:30 tour but they decided to as so many wanted to go on the earlier one. We did have a smaller group though when we finally did go. Apparently the rest of the year you can visit it but without a tour and it seems a bit weird to me but you just go to the tourist information centre, collect the key and go up there by yourself. Seems a bit trusting to me! Apparently someone did steal the donation box from there recently though so maybe they are a bit too trusting...Anyway I did understand most of the tour as the guide spoke very clearly and slowly. :)
Here is the tower
and the view from the top floor (I had to stick my lens through the fencing over the window up there...)
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We did like it there and hope to go back. Dirk heard there is another tour there next weekend (not the tower) but apparently they also have an Oktoberfest on there next weekend, so that puts us off a bit.
but we will go another time :)
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Was extremely confused this morning listening to Dirk's radio as I didn't realise the radio presenter had moved on in the news and thought they said Unheilig had appeared at the US Democratic Convention.
I know Der Graf seems to be EVERYWHERE on TV, but I did think that was only in Germany...;)
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I have taken in some local village culture today; I went up to post a couple of letters this morning (one to [ profile] looneybyron) and saw they seemed to be setting up for a festival on the main road in the centre of the village, so I thought I'd go back there later on and check it out. It is the Orwischer Kerb, apparently an annual village fair - Orwisch is what Urberach is called in the Hessian dialect. Kerb, I still have no idea what that means in German.
Anyway there were some stalls (mostly food, beer and apple wine), a band at one end and several beer tents, and even a ferris wheel, so of course I had to go on the ferris wheel. I didn't buy anything else apart from a pretzel but I had a look around and then walked down a side street towards the pottery museum, which I didn't expect to be open as it normally is only open the 1st Sunday of each month, so I thought it would be open tomorrow, but it WAS open so I went in and had a look. It's quite nice, very small, but some nice pottery, the old people running it (probably volunteers) seemed quite friendly and quite astonished to find a British person in their museum, it was free but you kind of have to make a donation, and sign the guest book of course too.
So I have some photos of course, ha ha...
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So, yeah, at least something to do this afternoon.
Tomorrow Dirk has to work as it is one of the 4 Sunday shopping days in the year, he said it was dead in the store today as tomorrow they have lots of special deals on so people are waiting to go in there till then. At least it's only 1pm to 6pm I think. I am going to actually work tomorrow, they sent me a load of stuff to do, I offered to do it since Dirk is working.
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Today I worked although it was a bank holiday in England - it wasn't one here so they sent me some work to do. Well, it is a bit more money anyway!
We had a nice day out at the Museumsfest in Frankfurt - it was quite crowded but could have been worse - apparently Saturday was much worse, I suppose because the weather was much better on Saturday, but yesterday it at least didn't rain much, just looked cloudy mostly. Anyway there were lots of stalls about selling all sorts of things and lots of different food - I had some African for my lunch and Egyptian for dinner, both very yummy :D - and then the museums along the Main were open till the evening and you could get into any of them for free if you bought a badge for 2 Euros for the fest. So we visited the Jewish Museum, the Film Museum and a ship that had some science stuff on it (but which wasn't that great). The film museum was really cool! I still think the Berlin Jewish museum is better than the one here but it was ok too.
Apparently there is another museum commemorating the former Judengasse which doesn't exist anymore but which was where the main Jewish community lived so I guess I should go there sometime too.
We met up with Dirk's friends Matthias and Yukiko - the last time we saw them was New Year's Eve and I did wonder a little bit why we hadn't seen them at all since I'd got here - Matthias lives near Dirk's parents but Yukiko lives quite near Frankfurt so he does go up to visit her quite often. But anyway, we saw them yesterday and it was quite nice. We also went to see a little concert by Yukiko with her choir in the Dreikönigskirche.
Well as it was cloudy and the sky looked sort of dramatic anyway I couldn't resist taking photos with the dramatic lighting filter it looks like there was a really big storm coming, ha they are of course...
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Dirk actually has to work next Sunday as they have one of the Sunday opening days coming up...they have 4 of these per year apparently. I thought they usually had them when there was a bank holiday that week but it seems not. So, that's annoying. I am glad it is only 4 times a year anyway.
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Sunday went by too quickly of course...our only day together with neither of us working, although I think I am going to take Thursday off this week as we have to go to the doctor then anyway, and he wants to go to Seligenstadt again after that. ;)
Well we were there again yesterday ;). We went there for breakfast again, and finally found out, that it's possible to book a table at the Kloster Cafe - we didn't know that before. It definitely seems that the cafe is busiest at breakfast time because their breakfasts are so good. So, because we hadn't booked, we didn't get a table out on the terrace again, which was kind of annoying, but oh well. Of course if we do book that will probably be the day it rains...They had changed the menu a bit which was a bit annoying too so the breakfast I had last time isn't on the menu anymore, but there was a similar one and that was good too. I think the only difference was that the other one included cheese and yoghurt, this didn't. And we ordered a normal egg each this time instead of Kinder eggs.
I took a bunch of photos in the ex monastery garden especially with the pop art filter on, that was fun because the photos were so bright. I have photos on facebook here I was too lazy to put them on photobucket right now. We had a nice walk by the river and sat there for a while too, it was in the shade so nice and cool which we needed when it was so hot otherwise.
And yes we had Tatort Münster to watch Saturday night and Sunday night, yay! One of the episodes I'd already tried to watch on youtube but hadn't understood everything so it was good to watch it again with the subtitles for the deaf.
Just listened to Derren Brown interviewing Tim Minchin which was rather cool, although Derren Brown I sometimes find a bit irritating but I do love Tim Minchin! that is here if any of you want to listen to it. you can listen to BBC iplayer radio outside the UK, just not watch the TV shows.
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We are having a quiet day for Dirk's birthday, with some Amy Winehouse in the background as I got him Frank and Back to Black - they were on his Amazon wishlist.
He made some yummy cupcakes - and yes, I know it is HIS birthday but he likes baking and I am crap...and we had quite a lazy day apart from going out for a walk at Steinheim in Hanau. It has a nice small Old Town area with the river nearby too. We had been there once before but hadn't taken cameras then so the cameras came this time, ha you get to see more photos...;)
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Now we are going to sit and watch Tatort in about 20 minutes, yay! ;) Only it is not the Münster one unfortunately, it is the Stuttgart one which is ok but not funny. ;)
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Got hardly any work today so am on here...:S
Had a lovely day out yesterday with my pals Geneviève and [ profile] meathiel. It was all good apart from my taking the wrong train on the way home, arg! The electronic sign at the platform SAID it was my train but...after I got on it started definitely going the wrong way...I finally got off at Mannheim because I figured I could get another train back to Darmstadt from there...and managed that. The Deutsche Bahn info man gave me a whole other route I could get back to Urberach but in the end I got Dirk to pick me up at Darmstadt. I would have had pretty long waits at Darmstadt and Dieburg for the connecting trains and Darmstadt isn't so far for him to come. It was ok on the way down to Heidelberg though!!!
So...managed to find Geneviève and her friend Sylvie without any problems despite the fountain [ profile] meathiel had told us to meet at not being too obvious as it was under repair! The language thing turned out to be interesting - I spoke French to Genni and Sylvie when [ profile] meathiel wasn't around and then it was a mixture of English and German after that...;) Anyway nice to meet them and we had lunch at a cafe where there were at least some veggie options - it wasn't that bad [ profile] meathiel!! ;) There were sparrows there coming very close to use and drinking and bathing in a small fountain next to our table so that was really cute too. :D
Photobucket Ok not the greatest photo ;)
We ended up going up to the castle as the boat cruises in the city only run once a day and it was a bit late for me to get my train - took the funicular train up and down as it's a bit far and steep to walk up there, ha ha...had a nice walk around up there and then it was time for me to be going and [ profile] meathiel gave me a lift back to the station. I got this semi local speciality 'Schneebällchen' and got one for Dirk as well but then we were a little disappointed by them as we thought they would have a soft centre but they were just crunchy...oh well ;)
Got some photos, well some of you have already seen similar anyway I know...
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It was a lovely day weather wise too and it's nice today as well but I am home today working...oh well!
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We had quite a nice weekend and now I am going to meet up with [ profile] meathiel and our mutual penpal Geneviève from Luxembourg in Heidelberg, which should be good. I have booked my train ticket! :) I haven't met Geneviève before although we have been writing for about 20 years so it should be cool. :D
Anyway over the weekend...we didn't do too much on Saturday because the weather was a bit crap, again. There were some sunny bits but quite a lot of rain, so we didn't go on a daytrip as we had thought about doing. We did go out for a meal in the evening at the OTHER Italian restaurant within walking distance of us (actually there are several restaurants nearby us here!), it is situated in a small hotel and it looks nice but Dirk hadn't even been there before. It is called La Scala and it was pretty good there. Only partially spoilt by the people at the next table having REALLY AWFUL children. Ok, I understand it can be a bit hard to get children to behave if they are toddlers, but these kids were about 8 or 10 or'd think by then you could train them to behave in a restaurant...but I could see why they were so bad, as the parents were the sort who just didn't bother about them. So, why not get a babysitter and then everyone will be happy? oh well...
But the food was good and it is quite nice there.
On Sunday we decided to visit Aschaffenburg, Dirk had been there once for a job interview. It's actually in Bavaria though just at the tip so we left Hessen for the day. ;)
It is a nice city, the old town is nice and we visited the castle, although I think the museum inside was a bit boring. But a cool collection of cork models - a man who was a cake maker made them in the 18th century. I'm assuming he was a local (didn't manage to read much of the info there) but the models are of Roman buildings in Rome - the most impressive of course was the Colosseum - Photobucket
Some were made by his son, too, who apparently was an architect.
We also visited the Pompejanum which is a copy of a Roman villa built for King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who had visited Pompeii. I guess it was damaged in the war, and of course the painting in it had got worn over the years, but they have restored it, but still in some rooms there is still the original painting, looking quite worn, but it is nice to visit. Really pretty ceilings there. :D We thought the Jewish museum was closed as the information we'd seen said it was only open something like Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the first Sunday of the month - so we went to the square where it was rather late, thinking we'd just see the place where the old synagogue was - only to find the museum actually had been open but was just about to close. So that was annoying but we'll go back I guess. There was a bit of Jewish stuff in a special exhibition in the castle museum, too, so we had a look at that and then they were selling Hanukkah candles there so I decided to buy some as i don't know where to get them otherwise around here. I am sure there must be a Jewish shop or two in Frankfurt, but I don't know these things yet.
well, here are some photos, too...
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Well, I guess I should get moving, to get ready etc...:D
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I had a nice birthday with my darling - or mostly with him anyway! When we got up he sang happy birthday to me and gave me the presents from him and his parents (actually he had already given me a pair of binoculars as an early present) - it was this:
Hee hee well all of you Germans here know exactly what that is of course, for those of you who aren't German, Tatort is like a German institution, it has been on air since 1970 according to Wikipedia (and you can tell from the opening credits, which haven't changed since then) - however it isn't just one thing, they have different series set in different cities, and this is the one set in Münster, which seems to be particularly popular, and I can see why as it's quite funny. I don't think the Münster one has been going as long as that but I don't know how long it has. Tatort is one show that always has subtitles for the hearing impaired available which is why I have less trouble understanding it, ha ha...I have noticed German TV in general must be a bit of a pain if you are deaf as there aren't THAT many shows with subtitling available, it helps me a lot to have them. Sometimes it is funny when they describe the music - 'dark music', 'exciting music' - they really like doing that on Tatort. 'Krimi' series seem to be really popular in Germany, seems like every night there is a crime thriller on somewhere, either a German one or a British or American one. ;)
Anyway I was a bit disappointed by having no post at all on the actual day, but I got quite a lot the day before including stuff from several of you who know each other too, [ profile] looneybyron I already mentioned but also [ profile] meathiel, [ profile] anwyn_elfmaiden and [ profile] galahadthea and then I'd had one from [ profile] k_anthi only a couple of days before that as well. :D So that was cool too. :D I did work until 2:30 but then decided to stop as Dirk had come home early, he made me a nice chocolate cake and we went to Hanau-Großauheim as he had an interview at an optician's there, but I don't think he is that interested in training with that one so he is going to still take the job at Saturn and then see what happens with Fielmann afterwards. I went for a walk along the river there which was quite nice. It is pleasant enough there but seems kind of poor and of course there is a giant nuclear power plant right there which would put me off living there too personally, even if they are closing it down. One of my penpals does live on the other side of the river but she was in Frankfurt so we didn't manage to meet. We went to a Mexican restaurant in the centre of Hanau later and it was quite nice there and had good food, it was a bit difficult to find and confused Helga the Satnav as the address for it is actually at the back of it...the front of it is on another road, so that was a bit odd. Quite a lot of veggie meals too which was another good thing.
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We did go to Seligenstadt today although not for brunch as this morning it was raining hard so we didn't think we would be able to go anywhere so had breakfast at home!!! Oh we went to visit the Loop 5 shopping mall in Darmstadt yesterday and did stop by my favourite tea shop I had to try the caramel one this morning and then I've just tried the Red Chili one now...both are good :D
Photobucket I think Dirk is starting to realise how crazy I am about tea, ha ha...;)

Then suddenly the sun came out so off we went. Well, it is such a nice town and so near, it's easy to go there. We had a nice walk around and visited the Kloster Cafe again where this time we tried the cake!! I had a Swabian apple cake which was really good. We went to the museum as well but to be honest the museum is a bit rubbish. It just looks like they got a whole load of old stuff and threw it together. Oh well...we know now...
The town was a bit less busy than last time when the classic car event was on but still pretty busy - although still pretty quiet when we arrived, even though that was already about 12:30. We may go again next Saturday when the shops are open just to have a little look...well that will be the weekend before my birthday, ha ha...;) so I think I deserve it. Got a few photos, well I already posted some of Seligenstadt when we went there before, here, but here are a few more:
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I was thinking again I would love to live in this town...but I guess it is too expensive probably. But if Dirk got a job in Aschaffenburg...well it would be rather convenient then...;) still, we'll see.
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Another new town discovered - Seligenstadt - only because we thought we would like to visit somewhere today but no idea where. I looked on google maps for inspiration, found this town which seemed not far away and reminded me of the Helium Vola song Selig, looked it up on Wikipedia and found it seemed to be a nice and historic away we went!
I did not know what Selig meant, now I do know it means 'blessed'. Apparently called that supposedly because Charlemagne's daughter fled there to live with her husband whom Charlemagne didn't approve of, and he finally found her there and said 'blessed is the town where I have found my daughter' so it became Seligenstadt. Well that is the legend...
So, thanks Ernst Horn for the inspiration, ha ha...
It really is lovely there and so different from Schlitz, which is lovely but clearly not making the most of its tourist opportunities, as it was dead as a doornail with nearly everything closed on a SATURDAY whilst this place was buzzing and even some shops were open on Sunday and restaurants and cafes all over the place...Well, we did discover one reason it was buzzing - we noticed there seemed to be quite a lot of classic cars around...then walked down to the river and found that there was a classic car event on...ok so THAT explains all the classic Mercedes etc tooling about the place...;) Needless to say, the classic cars weren't so interesting for me as for Dirk but it was quite interesting to see some of them too. Seligenstadt also seems a lot richer than can TELL there is money there. We found a gated
Well...we had a bit of lunch there but we did NOT go to one of the cafes on the market square...we visited the garden of the former Benedictine monastery and there was a cafe, the Kloster Cafe which was so nice and peaceful, had lovely looking cakes (we did not have any of those!) and nice tea and coffee too, and we had Klosterbrot that I guess is baked there, and it was all very nice. Plus they employ disabled people there, I think people with learning difficulties mainly, which I also approve of as we all know those people have trouble finding a job and are often not treated well if they do. There is a hotel there as well. So yeah we were happy to support the place and we plan to go there for breakfast sometime too as the breakfasts sounded nice.
So some photos, of course, ha ha...
Photobucket in the garden at the Benedictine monastery
Seligenstadt )
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Wondered if there is anything in Germany like Love Film? Do any of you know? I was a member of that in the UK and it was quite good. I miss it!
Well, I managed to get to Dietzenbach on my own for the test of my German level - that was interesting - Urberach seems to be the worst town for transport even if they're all a bit bad round here. Arg...anyway there is a bus, it only goes once an hour and it takes nearly 40 minutes to go 7km to Dietzenbach. But I took it. Had some woman speak to me and ask me something about the bus before it arrived - I TOTALLY could not understand her and I still don't know if she had a speech impediment or was speaking Hessian dialect. The bus driver more or less seemed to understand her so maybe it was just dialect. Anyway I just said I was a foreigner and this was my first time taking that bus! It was easy enough in the end though and I just had lunch in the canteen in the Rathaus (very nice ladies working in there!) and then had my test. Well, it seems I am not so clever ha I am about the level of B1 according to the man so could still do the integration course, but I have to either go to Dreieich and do another test or go to the Volkhochschule in Dietzenbach on another day when the office is open and give them the paper he gave me. The class in Dietzenbach is at a better time for me than the one in Dreieich, the ones in Rödermark are just during the day so no good at all really. And I still don't know exactly what it will cost...
After that had some time till Dirk finished his back to work training for today so went in the mall next to the Rathaus (which is where the MediaMarkt is that Dirk worked at for a month so I gave it an evil glare) and visited Müller which was not much like the shops you get in the UK as it seemed to be like Boots and WH Smith mixed together.
So, I haven't worked much today which is a pain but oh well. I was going to do some more when I got home but I'm too tired. :S
I even have thought about either using Dirk's bike or maybe taking his mother's as apparently she might get rid of it...just because the transport is such a pain and it's obviously easier and cheaper than learning to drive and getting another car, but I haven't cycled in years, and I don't know what it is like here, I don't know where you are allowed to cycle or what the hand signals are (the hand signals are different in Canada than the UK so they could be different again here)...anyway, we'll see.


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