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Have had some not very nice news from back home - well one of my facebook friends who is a girl I went to school with posted about the University of Alberta cutting 20 courses, which were listed on a petition she posted. I thought Russian probably would be affected so I took a look and sure enough, they are cutting Russian Language and Literature as a major. I then went to look at the language department at the U of A and saw that was already basically the ONLY Russian major available now (I myself did Slavic Linguistics with a concentration in Russian because I couldn't be bothered to write essays so didn't want to do Lit courses - I was very good at avoiding essay writing when I was doing my first degree, ha ha! - anyway, MY course of study seems to be long gone). It's really a shame because when I studied there in the 90s the U of A had a good reputation for Slavic studies and now it looks like there will be hardly anything left. I emailed my former professor Dr Siemens who is the only one left there from the ones who taught me (since the others were already all quite elderly when I was there so are long retired now) to ask her about it, will see what she says. Back in the day there even used to be a whole Slavic Department - but I knew that had gone a while back. Just a shame that this Uni like so many others, is cutting the Bachelor of Arts programmes, I know they get more money from sciences, but it's still a shame, especially as some of us just aren't wired to study science. :( There are loads of others getting cut too but it looks like especially the languages. :(
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Happy Women's Day, to anyone who celebrates it (not many outside of the former Communist states, I think!).

A video from my youth in Canada, which seemed appropriate!

It's got quite good lyrics I thought I'd post 'em...

too many doubts

too much fear

too much danger

when society constructs

our human nature

live by the rules

live by the laws

live by commandments

notions preconceived

can lead to utter madness

Let it go

Let it go

Let it free your body

Let it move your soul

Let it go

Let it free your body

Let it move your soul

Let it go

We are made

We are not born

Learn to convert

learn to assert

learn to abandon

ideologies and

disciplines at random

lay down the laws

lay down the rules

lay down commandments

lift the sanctions

that restrict this

woman's madness



is the bane of our existence

keep it safely at a distance



is today to be

let your hair down

can't you see?


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