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We went to the Schwarze Romantik exhibition yesterday as I had was really good. It was the first time we visited the Städel Museum although it seems to be a pretty major art gallery in Frankfurt and we went round most of the rest of it as well and liked it there. There is a film about the exhibition, it has English subtitles

Some really cool stuff. I was familiar with quite a lot of the artists but not all and a few of the paintings I knew too but most I didn't. It included people like Goya, Fuseli, Caspar David Friedrich, Max Ernst, Dali etc. :) And it had photographs and parts of old films including 1931 Dracula and Frankenstein. :)
I would have liked to get the catalogue but not for 45€!!!
Dirk seemed to enjoy it too. I think the only part of the gallery he didn't like so much was the Modern part, ha ha...he just liked some of the photographs there. I must admit that even though I quite like modern art there weren't many pieces in that part that I liked either...Apart from one by Yves Klein. I do love Yves Klein and I always feel happy when I see something by him. :D
The weather was dreadful as expected but we were incredibly lucky with parking!!! Well, at least at the gallery we were! After driving around a few times we noticed an elderly couple just leaving - from a space right in front of the gallery!!! So we got in there...actually, the elderly couple had parked so that they were smack dab in the middle of a space big enough for 2 when we parked, Dirk moved up and another couple got their car in behind us too and were very grateful to Dirk for being a more considerate parker than the people before (but I suspect they were just really old and couldn't drive very well anymore).


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