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Really wanted to go to an event at Mathildenhöhe today...but the weather is so I guess we will stay at home. I really hope it is better tomorrow since my friend Karen will be here and we are supposed to be going to Mathildenhöhe then - though the event won't be on tomorrow and the museum will be closed.
WE have had a lot of birdies on our balcony, though!!! It is difficult for me to get photos of them as I have to take them through the window and some distance away, they go away if I get too close, but here are some birdie photos




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So as those of you on facebook know we went to Opel Zoo today...well, the weather wasn't the greatest for it and I haven't been feeling well today at all, but it was still quite a nice visit. It's a nice zoo apart from where the elephants are!!! They are renovating their area but right now it looks like an industrial building site with elephants. But otherwise it's quite ok, well I think a few of the enclosures are still a bit small, like the porcupines, that seemed a bit ridiculous, more like a cabinet, but others are ok and some animals are not out now because it is a bit cold for them (like the meercats so we didn't see them).
Anyway...we got some photos...
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There are red pandas at this zoo too and we did see them but they were curled up high on trees so I couldn't have got a good photo. ;)
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Can I change the LJ home page banner, please? I hate football...;)
Well at least it wasn't too noisy last night. Dirk was sure Germany would have lost but they actually won. I said he could watch it if he wanted to but he was quite happy for us to watch the 3rd Millennium film again on DVD...we have watched all three in the last three nights. Fun for me to say 'Oh I have been there'! every so often. ;) I didn't go on the Millennium tour in Stockholm because the days it was on did not coincide very well with my visit but I got one of the maps and went to the sites in Södermalm. Which is most of them. ;)
I actually refuse to buy those books or the DVDs myself because the money from them goes to Stieg Larsson's horrible brother and father and not to his partner, whom it SHOULD go to...I got them from the library instead.
Anyway we had a nice visit to Frankfurt Zoo yesterday. I always have mixed feelings about zoos because of course it's really not fair for the animals to be there, but at least they are safe there from stupid Chinese people and others...and if the environment they are given is not so bad it's something at least...this one is mostly ok apart from where the hippos live, it doesn't look like THEY have enough space...:S but anyway.
I have some photos of course...although Dirk's are always better. He brought a huge lens and his monopod...I called him the Animal Paparazzo, ha ha...;) there was another guy there with a huge lens as well at one point and he seemed to try to compete with Dirk...but hey, stupid guy didn't have a monopod so he couldn't keep taking the photos for as long as Dirk, ha ha...;) those lenses are very heavy.
Anyway...some photos...
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