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So we did go to see Niamh Ni Charra and her band at the Kelterscheune centre here in Urberach (yes, even in the same village part of Rödermark), they were really good and there was also an Irish dancer who IS Irish but apparently lives in Munich and teaches at an Irish dance school there! He was fantastic too. The only problem was the sound, apparently the place had new sound equipment and the techies did not know how to use it in her band there was her on fiddle and concertina (and singing), a flute player, a bazouki player and a bodhran player. Mostly the bazouki was really loud and it was harder to hear the fiddle and the flute in particular, the concertina seemed to be quite loud though. The bazouki player seemed a bit embarrassed that his was so loud. We saw the end of their sound check and it was obvious they were trying to fix that problem before the concert started, from the things they were saying, but nonetheless some know it all in the audience had to speak up and say that the bazouki was too loud. Yeah, like they didn't know...! Apparently she kept moaning about things all through the concert, I didn't listen to her but Dirk could hear her practically in his ear as she was sat behind us.
The funny thing is that I almost certainly have seen Niamh Ni Charra playing fiddle before - I spoke to her during the break and she told me she was already playing fiddle in Riverdance by January 1998 when it was on at the Hammersmith Apollo, I was working there then so I did probably see her then. Funny coincidence! Also my mother will have seen her as she was also on the tour of North America that Riverdance did straight after that and my mother did go to the show then when it made it to Edmonton. Anyway...this is her, she did play this song too, it's about a young man with a really old and rich girlfriend ;)

They do have some other stuff on at that centre so we may check something else out, but it depends. Apparently there will be a special event for the 70th birthday of Keith Richards (!) so we might go to that. ;)
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