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Have had some not very nice news from back home - well one of my facebook friends who is a girl I went to school with posted about the University of Alberta cutting 20 courses, which were listed on a petition she posted. I thought Russian probably would be affected so I took a look and sure enough, they are cutting Russian Language and Literature as a major. I then went to look at the language department at the U of A and saw that was already basically the ONLY Russian major available now (I myself did Slavic Linguistics with a concentration in Russian because I couldn't be bothered to write essays so didn't want to do Lit courses - I was very good at avoiding essay writing when I was doing my first degree, ha ha! - anyway, MY course of study seems to be long gone). It's really a shame because when I studied there in the 90s the U of A had a good reputation for Slavic studies and now it looks like there will be hardly anything left. I emailed my former professor Dr Siemens who is the only one left there from the ones who taught me (since the others were already all quite elderly when I was there so are long retired now) to ask her about it, will see what she says. Back in the day there even used to be a whole Slavic Department - but I knew that had gone a while back. Just a shame that this Uni like so many others, is cutting the Bachelor of Arts programmes, I know they get more money from sciences, but it's still a shame, especially as some of us just aren't wired to study science. :( There are loads of others getting cut too but it looks like especially the languages. :(


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