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I was extremely grumpy this morning because I couldn't listen to BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (my favourite Radio 4 show!!) - occasionally when you try to listen to BBC Radio online you get a voice saying 'Due to rights restrictions this content is unavailable' - I'd never had that happen with Woman's Hour before though so was most put out and sent a couple of annoyed tweets! I did get a reply, too - apparently it was because they had Tanni Grey-Thompson on as a guest (another reason I would have liked to listen - Tanni Grey-Thompson is my HEROINE totally) and were playing some old clips of her from sports broadcasts and they couldn't allow those to be broadcast online. It looks like it is available to listen to now though so I will do later.
On more serious stuff, a soldier was killed on the street in London by a couple of lunatics who said they were doing it in the name of Islam. The TV news decided to show the footage apparently as well which will have served not only to upset the guy's family but get the racists foaming at the mouth as well. I guess it did - there were some EDL protests. The other thing is that things like that always bring out the worst in some of my facebook friends. I know these are good people otherwise, but gee. So I wrote out my little statement on facebook this morning....

According to Wikipedia, the number of terrorist attacks by Islamists in London is 7, 2 of which were foiled. The number of terrorist attacks by the IRA is 62, including 7 only in 1992. These latest terrorists killed one person, Ted Bundy, a white American guy, killed 30. In fact the overwhelming majority of serial killers are white American men. Should the UK then deport all the white American men in London based on that?
Here in Germany the largest ethnic minority group are Turks - they are mostly Muslim. There are bombs going off in Germany all the time - put there by the British.
Please don't blame all Muslims for a few lunatics, I know the Daily Mail want you to but that's the same paper that supported Hitler after all.

I did check all that on Wikipedia...I feel pretty strongly about it, and I thought that considering the lovely Muslims I worked with in London, I kind of owed it to them to say SOMETHING. None of the people who'd written something anti-Islam replied to that - some friends did write supportive things, though. I will say I don't want people to go back to thinking all Irish are terrorists again, either, though, obviously!! But...thinking about the Boston Marathon attack, too - considering that Boston has a high 'Irish' population, I wonder how many of the people who condemned all Muslims after that had actually been among those who bankrolled the IRA back in the day...? I'm sure they would say the IRA are 'freedom fighters' - I think those Islamic terrorists think they are too, though.
oh and my Muslim former penpal Zabeitha commented that 'I bet they didn't mention Ted Bundy's religion' ;) I'm pretty sure he was Catholic...
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