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Went to see the Life of Pi which I really enjoyed and I think even Dirk liked it as it wasn't a lot of philosophising but it looked wonderful! I probably missed some bits because of not understanding the dubbed dialogue but I guess I understood most anyway. I heard that the tiger is CGI, I wondered if it was only a CGI tiger or if sometimes they did use a real one too? Sometimes it looked more real than other times. It was really crowded so we didn't get the greatest seats - we were near the front and the bottom - but I couldn't help that. I guess it is because it was featured at the Oscars and they are only showing that film a couple of times - they have a 'film of the month' there that is only shown on a couple of nights then the rest of the time they have something else on (like at the moment it is Til Schweiger's latest crap). So I guess everyone decided to see it yesterday.
Anyway we also popped to the Loop Centre in Darmstadt so I could get some envelopes!!! And the real reason...I wanted to visit the tea shop, ha ha I have really boring tea at the moment, ha ha...and I got more of the Red Chili Chai tea. That is one of my favourites of the teas I have had here. It's very good for first thing in the morning!
Even Dirk got some cherry and banana flavoured rooibus tea, though he hardly drinks tea .
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