Apr. 25th, 2013

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Well we are back from Dirk's parents' place, Dirk still has the rest of the week off, I am working today and tomorrow, but not yet. ;)
We had a really nice time and managed to visit Cologne Zoo and the the open air museum in Kommern (unfortunately it seems their website is only in German, even if there's a thing at the top that looks like it should show other languages - it doesn't). I will try to post some photos later anyway. Well, here is one for now from the open air museum - they have lambs!!!
There were actually quite a lot of them :)
This has amused me today - 12 Misused English Words in German - some of them I wasn't aware of yet, like 'talkmaster' hee hee or 'beamer' but some like 'handy' and 'wellness' I've already encountered quite a lot. ;) I also have the impression that English words are sometimes used to be more pretentious - eg there was a restaurant I noticed somewhere in Cologne that said it had 'japanese cooking'. Now, it's Japanese food in Germany - why does that need to be in English?! That, and the fact its sign was written with no capital letters made me think it is a pretentious place, well, at least it doesn't have 'concepts in japanese cooking', then I would totally KNOW it was a completely pretentious place...but maybe they don't know about the 'concepts' thing - you do get that on really pretentious restaurants in Britain. ;) I think the 'wellness' goes along with that too since after all 'wellness' is mostly directed towards Ladies Who Lunch so they are going to be pretentious and seem posh, aren't they? ;)


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