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So, this is an Only On Dreamwidth post, because I am posting something banned in Russia!!!
This picture has been banned in Russia - which is BRILLIANT because my friend V's husband created it! Ha ha! (Btw they don't live in Russia now and are not Russians, but they did live there for a number of years before).
Here it is, in all it's glory:

So there. :D
(I should add, though, that I feel very badly for the poor guy who was put in an asylum for displaying this and other anti Putin images. :( That's going back to Soviet tactics, for sure...)
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 photo P1061889_zps4505bf4a.jpg
We went to the Süsse Löwer in Seligenstadt yesterday as they had not charged us for something last time and we wanted to pay for that this time - they have the greatest hot chocolate!!! - anyway, they gave us these pigs for free. Dirk has already eaten his! I guess they are marzipan.
I decided to try making humbug flavoured tea hee hee by adding mint to caramel flavoured black tea. Well, it was quite good ;) I do like adding mint to other teas, as I have mentioned to someone else on here before. ;)
Now, Dirk's apparently famous chocolate pudding is cooling on my table! He has not made it for me before but I found out about it so he had to make it today, ha ha. And the Royal Mail have just come out with stamps to celebrate BBC's children shows, so I had to try to get some of those, since some of them are ones from MY childhood! My cousin is going to try to buy me the first day cover in her local post office tomorrow. Otherwise I will try to order them again. Bagpuss stamps!!! Trust them to come out with it after I moved!!!
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Happy New Year all!
This video is kind of odd though because you can tell Agnetha and Bjorn have split up, and Annafrid looks like she's desperately holding on to Benny (I guess they divorced the next year).
Anyway Dirk is working today but only till 2pm. We are just staying home though! There will be loads of fireworks set off around here (well, there were last year and the year before) so we will have plenty to watch from the balcony. We might watch Dinner for One, ha ha.
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So we did go to see Niamh Ni Charra and her band at the Kelterscheune centre here in Urberach (yes, even in the same village part of Rödermark), they were really good and there was also an Irish dancer who IS Irish but apparently lives in Munich and teaches at an Irish dance school there! He was fantastic too. The only problem was the sound, apparently the place had new sound equipment and the techies did not know how to use it in her band there was her on fiddle and concertina (and singing), a flute player, a bazouki player and a bodhran player. Mostly the bazouki was really loud and it was harder to hear the fiddle and the flute in particular, the concertina seemed to be quite loud though. The bazouki player seemed a bit embarrassed that his was so loud. We saw the end of their sound check and it was obvious they were trying to fix that problem before the concert started, from the things they were saying, but nonetheless some know it all in the audience had to speak up and say that the bazouki was too loud. Yeah, like they didn't know...! Apparently she kept moaning about things all through the concert, I didn't listen to her but Dirk could hear her practically in his ear as she was sat behind us.
The funny thing is that I almost certainly have seen Niamh Ni Charra playing fiddle before - I spoke to her during the break and she told me she was already playing fiddle in Riverdance by January 1998 when it was on at the Hammersmith Apollo, I was working there then so I did probably see her then. Funny coincidence! Also my mother will have seen her as she was also on the tour of North America that Riverdance did straight after that and my mother did go to the show then when it made it to Edmonton. Anyway...this is her, she did play this song too, it's about a young man with a really old and rich girlfriend ;)

They do have some other stuff on at that centre so we may check something else out, but it depends. Apparently there will be a special event for the 70th birthday of Keith Richards (!) so we might go to that. ;)
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So I will write something about Dresden with photos...;)
Well the journey was quite long - we did go by car - obviously more tiring for poor Dirk than for me! The hotel was ok, I wasn't quite happy about its location though as you had to take a bus and then a tram to get to the centre. Would have preferred something a bit closer, or something on the other side of the bridge in the nice villagey area ;). It was a boring building too but it was ok, it was clean and quiet, no problems with drunks in the corridors. I think it is a hotel favoured by senior coach tours. ;)
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Have had some not very nice news from back home - well one of my facebook friends who is a girl I went to school with posted about the University of Alberta cutting 20 courses, which were listed on a petition she posted. I thought Russian probably would be affected so I took a look and sure enough, they are cutting Russian Language and Literature as a major. I then went to look at the language department at the U of A and saw that was already basically the ONLY Russian major available now (I myself did Slavic Linguistics with a concentration in Russian because I couldn't be bothered to write essays so didn't want to do Lit courses - I was very good at avoiding essay writing when I was doing my first degree, ha ha! - anyway, MY course of study seems to be long gone). It's really a shame because when I studied there in the 90s the U of A had a good reputation for Slavic studies and now it looks like there will be hardly anything left. I emailed my former professor Dr Siemens who is the only one left there from the ones who taught me (since the others were already all quite elderly when I was there so are long retired now) to ask her about it, will see what she says. Back in the day there even used to be a whole Slavic Department - but I knew that had gone a while back. Just a shame that this Uni like so many others, is cutting the Bachelor of Arts programmes, I know they get more money from sciences, but it's still a shame, especially as some of us just aren't wired to study science. :( There are loads of others getting cut too but it looks like especially the languages. :(
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Thought I'd ask for advice as I know several of you are really good with plants...I'm just not...
Dirk gave me these a while back...
That is what it looked like back then. It now looks terrible. I don't know how to care for it though, cos I don't even know what it is. We do water it regularly but I don't know whether we are even watering it too much. Do any of you know what it is and what to do with it so it doesn't totally die?
Thanks :)
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So...some photos from Wetzlar...
Not sure how well you can see it...but this is the reason Dirk had heard of Wetzlar - Leica!!! If you haven't heard of them (and I hadn't before I met Dirk) they make basically the Aston Martins of the camera world, plus binoculars and microscopes. Dirk hasn't got any of their cameras at the moment (unless one of his historical cameras is a Leica, I'm not sure) but has had, and he definitely has at least one pair of Leica binoculars, and I think his Dad has an old one of their microscopes though I am not sure. Apparently nowadays their main factory is in another town called Solms and this one in Wetzlar only makes the microscopes now. So we did not visit anything Leica-ish.
a view of one of the towers of the's quite an interesting one as different parts of it were built in different eras and it's got this bit at the front that was never finished.
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It's apparently on the German Timber Frame Road which I know Seligenstadt is on as well...
The only problem was I had a headache the whole day which wasn't helped by the heat. I finally felt better towards the end of our visit when I had some lemon sorbet and fruit tea in a cafe!
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Really wanted to go to an event at Mathildenhöhe today...but the weather is so I guess we will stay at home. I really hope it is better tomorrow since my friend Karen will be here and we are supposed to be going to Mathildenhöhe then - though the event won't be on tomorrow and the museum will be closed.
WE have had a lot of birdies on our balcony, though!!! It is difficult for me to get photos of them as I have to take them through the window and some distance away, they go away if I get too close, but here are some birdie photos




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I was extremely grumpy this morning because I couldn't listen to BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (my favourite Radio 4 show!!) - occasionally when you try to listen to BBC Radio online you get a voice saying 'Due to rights restrictions this content is unavailable' - I'd never had that happen with Woman's Hour before though so was most put out and sent a couple of annoyed tweets! I did get a reply, too - apparently it was because they had Tanni Grey-Thompson on as a guest (another reason I would have liked to listen - Tanni Grey-Thompson is my HEROINE totally) and were playing some old clips of her from sports broadcasts and they couldn't allow those to be broadcast online. It looks like it is available to listen to now though so I will do later.
On more serious stuff, a soldier was killed on the street in London by a couple of lunatics who said they were doing it in the name of Islam. The TV news decided to show the footage apparently as well which will have served not only to upset the guy's family but get the racists foaming at the mouth as well. I guess it did - there were some EDL protests. The other thing is that things like that always bring out the worst in some of my facebook friends. I know these are good people otherwise, but gee. So I wrote out my little statement on facebook this morning....

According to Wikipedia, the number of terrorist attacks by Islamists in London is 7, 2 of which were foiled. The number of terrorist attacks by the IRA is 62, including 7 only in 1992. These latest terrorists killed one person, Ted Bundy, a white American guy, killed 30. In fact the overwhelming majority of serial killers are white American men. Should the UK then deport all the white American men in London based on that?
Here in Germany the largest ethnic minority group are Turks - they are mostly Muslim. There are bombs going off in Germany all the time - put there by the British.
Please don't blame all Muslims for a few lunatics, I know the Daily Mail want you to but that's the same paper that supported Hitler after all.

I did check all that on Wikipedia...I feel pretty strongly about it, and I thought that considering the lovely Muslims I worked with in London, I kind of owed it to them to say SOMETHING. None of the people who'd written something anti-Islam replied to that - some friends did write supportive things, though. I will say I don't want people to go back to thinking all Irish are terrorists again, either, though, obviously!! But...thinking about the Boston Marathon attack, too - considering that Boston has a high 'Irish' population, I wonder how many of the people who condemned all Muslims after that had actually been among those who bankrolled the IRA back in the day...? I'm sure they would say the IRA are 'freedom fighters' - I think those Islamic terrorists think they are too, though.
oh and my Muslim former penpal Zabeitha commented that 'I bet they didn't mention Ted Bundy's religion' ;) I'm pretty sure he was Catholic...
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I have to say, this is pretty's a Canadian astronaut covering Space Oddity on board the space station!
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Well we are back from Dirk's parents' place, Dirk still has the rest of the week off, I am working today and tomorrow, but not yet. ;)
We had a really nice time and managed to visit Cologne Zoo and the the open air museum in Kommern (unfortunately it seems their website is only in German, even if there's a thing at the top that looks like it should show other languages - it doesn't). I will try to post some photos later anyway. Well, here is one for now from the open air museum - they have lambs!!!
There were actually quite a lot of them :)
This has amused me today - 12 Misused English Words in German - some of them I wasn't aware of yet, like 'talkmaster' hee hee or 'beamer' but some like 'handy' and 'wellness' I've already encountered quite a lot. ;) I also have the impression that English words are sometimes used to be more pretentious - eg there was a restaurant I noticed somewhere in Cologne that said it had 'japanese cooking'. Now, it's Japanese food in Germany - why does that need to be in English?! That, and the fact its sign was written with no capital letters made me think it is a pretentious place, well, at least it doesn't have 'concepts in japanese cooking', then I would totally KNOW it was a completely pretentious place...but maybe they don't know about the 'concepts' thing - you do get that on really pretentious restaurants in Britain. ;) I think the 'wellness' goes along with that too since after all 'wellness' is mostly directed towards Ladies Who Lunch so they are going to be pretentious and seem posh, aren't they? ;)
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I can't find anything about it on the web now but Dirk told me yesterday and it was on the TV news that Germany has made it illegal for landlords to forbid pets completely. Apparently there was a court case and the pet owners won (like I said I can't find anything with the details!). They can only say someone has to get rid of the pet if it is bothering the neighbours (or I guess if it is causing damage). I don't know if this means we will get a pet (don't actually want to piss off our landlord/lady as they have been ok to us). But it's really cool! Definitely not the case in the UK where if it says on the lease agreement NO PETS that means NO PETS, though if it ISN'T on the agreement then you CAN have them and the landlord can't say you can't.
I actually could have had a pet in my flat in Putney but I didn't as it was a studio flat and I was out a lot.
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Was curious to know what you guys think about this -
Dirk was really surprised to find that on the little offlicense shops (shops that sell stuff like cigarettes, chocolate, drinks etc) in London there are nearly always notices saying something like 'NO MORE THAN 3 SCHOOLCHILDREN ALLOWED' - I don't even notice that really since it's the same all over the UK and I think it's quite understandable, as when you get big groups of kids in those shops they shoplift and the shopkeeper can't keep an eye on them all. But Dirk said it would never be allowed in Germany because there would be too many people in an uproar about the kids' rights! What do you guys think in your country? ;) (I know Dirk already mentioned this to [ profile] lobolita ;))
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Went to see the Life of Pi which I really enjoyed and I think even Dirk liked it as it wasn't a lot of philosophising but it looked wonderful! I probably missed some bits because of not understanding the dubbed dialogue but I guess I understood most anyway. I heard that the tiger is CGI, I wondered if it was only a CGI tiger or if sometimes they did use a real one too? Sometimes it looked more real than other times. It was really crowded so we didn't get the greatest seats - we were near the front and the bottom - but I couldn't help that. I guess it is because it was featured at the Oscars and they are only showing that film a couple of times - they have a 'film of the month' there that is only shown on a couple of nights then the rest of the time they have something else on (like at the moment it is Til Schweiger's latest crap). So I guess everyone decided to see it yesterday.
Anyway we also popped to the Loop Centre in Darmstadt so I could get some envelopes!!! And the real reason...I wanted to visit the tea shop, ha ha I have really boring tea at the moment, ha ha...and I got more of the Red Chili Chai tea. That is one of my favourites of the teas I have had here. It's very good for first thing in the morning!
Even Dirk got some cherry and banana flavoured rooibus tea, though he hardly drinks tea .
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Well, this is a new sort of spam email:

Subject: Pens
Preston Sherwood

Message starred Monday, 21 January 2013, 7:12

Hello R

But what should you do if you can not afford the unique luxurious watches for all these wear?
Choose to itself that to you interestingly or make a gift!

As requested, I just want to verify that I have finally received my package, and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thanks for such a high quality product! I look forward to conducting business with you again in the future.
Very Many Thanks
Preston Sherwood

Pens????? Not Russian brides or penile implants? Or Nigerian princes? I am surprised...
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So I am still confused by Deutsche Post...
I knew the inland letters had gone up to 0.58 Eurocents. I had to send a couple of things outside of Germany today and I forgot to go till the post office was closed so had to use the machine, and it doesn't tell you how much the stamps are. And I'd forgotten to check on the website to see if the international stamps had gone up. So I just assumed they HAD because normally when the Royal Mail puts stamp prices up it puts up the UK ones a bit and then puts up the international ones A I paid 0.80 Eurocents instead of 0.75, and then when I got home I found out that those ones actually haven't gone up after all...oh well...
Still....a BIG VALUE compared to the UK where a letter to Germany would cost 0.87p now...that's 1.07 Euros...hmmm...!!!!
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Dirk surprised me with this yesterday! For those who don't know it is a Räuchermännchen or Smoker, apparently typical Xmas market ornament, you put a cone of incense inside and then it looks like it is smoking. I bought some for family and then thought I would quite like one and Dirk surprised me with this one. ;) They apparently show men in different occupations, we think this one is a bookseller.
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It's nasty out there now :S really snowing although it's not very covered yet
Hope Dirk will not have problems getting home tonight :S
We are NOT getting any birdies though!!! :( I am trying to persuade Dirk to get another kind of seeds. We still have the sunflower seeds - that was ok earlier because I don't think anyone else was feeding them then so the birds came here. Now because it's winter I think other people are feeding - and they've got nicer seeds so the birds have abandoned us!!! :( Really, the feeders have not been touched and they always used to get emptied every day :(
I don't know what is the best to get though...
Anyway the Xmas market in Seligenstadt was very nice, of course VERY CROWDED but not as bad as Frankfurt, I am assuming it's mostly people from round here visiting it as obviously it's not as famous a place as Frankfurt. We had some glühwein and Dirk said we could keep the little mugs it came in so we did although I still am not sure if it is true that we can keep them, I gave my little mug back when I had glühwein in Frankfurt! Well so now we have 2 small glühwein mugs.
My photos are not the greatest as it is not the easiest when it is crowded but I did get some at least.
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So as those of you on facebook know we went to Opel Zoo today...well, the weather wasn't the greatest for it and I haven't been feeling well today at all, but it was still quite a nice visit. It's a nice zoo apart from where the elephants are!!! They are renovating their area but right now it looks like an industrial building site with elephants. But otherwise it's quite ok, well I think a few of the enclosures are still a bit small, like the porcupines, that seemed a bit ridiculous, more like a cabinet, but others are ok and some animals are not out now because it is a bit cold for them (like the meercats so we didn't see them).
Anyway...we got some photos...
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There are red pandas at this zoo too and we did see them but they were curled up high on trees so I couldn't have got a good photo. ;)


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